Survey Cards

Survey Cards is the easiest way to create online shareable surveys.

Check it out the live site!


Venue is an platform that enables instructors to assign attendance to local events or venues- allowing students to attend concerts, art shows or volunteering efforts for course credit.

Check it out the live site or the github repo!

Observatory (

An open-source community management system for open-source communities. Observatory is used by 150+ students every semester at RPI and is under active development.

Check it out the site or the github repo!

Car Soccer

A web clone of the physics popularized by rocket-league, uses ammo.js, physijs, and three.js.

You can play it on this site (/projects/car-soccer)

Javascript Bin-Packing

I open-sourced a 2D javascript bin packing algorithm that allowed words to be overlay a map at different sizes without touching. This algorithm was used to win the 2015 TripAdvisor intern hackathon.

Check it out on github!

Homework Server

A Rensselaer Center for Open Source project to build a better homework server for the RPI computer science department. The project involves improving algorithms used for grading homework, rewriting the backend php used for uploading and processing assignments, modernizing the webpages and making the assignment creation process more friendly to instructors.

Check it out on github!

Ultimate Miner

An Android game developed using Adobe Air. Ultimate Miner has been released with 200,000+ downloads and is available from the Google Play Store. Ultimate Miner 2 is currently under development.

Check it out on the google play store!

Big Island

A game created for the Liberated Pixel Cup, an open-source game competition sponsored by Mozilla, Creative Commons, OpenGameArt, and the Free Software Foundation. Big Island won the HTML5 grand prize. You can play it here.

Big Island is open-source, check out the repo!