I've graduated from college, but haven't thought up new page to go here
Rensselaer Center for Open Source

I'm currently a Lead Mentor for RCOS, an organization of 150+ software developers at RPI. In RCOS, I worked on a project to replace the computer science department's homework server, A student portal for RCOS, A blockchain-based cryptocurrency and much more.

Embedded Hardware Club

The Embedded Hardware Club is a group of students who share a passion for electronics and programming and bring their knowledge to others. I'm currently the project manager/coordinator for EHC. Read more on our website.

Resident Student Association

I was previously the Technology and Social Media Chair for the Resident Student Association, one of the largest clubs on RPI's campus. I developed RSA's new website

RPI Winter Carnival

The RPI Winter Carnival is a annual festival celebrated by all RPI students and has a reputation for being one of the biggest events on campus. During the 2014 Winter Carnival, I served as the Winter Carnival Web Designer and Web Master, as well as an event coordinator. The site can be seen here.

Rensselaer Electric Vehicle

REV is a student organization dedicated to designing electric vehicles. Every year we head down to the Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, Texas to race our electric cars. Last semester I was a member of the drive-train team concentrating on 3D CAD and manufacturing. Our website can provide more information.