Graba Engineering

I helped form Graba Engineering LLC in fall of 2016, we performed various engineering services including embedded hardware, mobile, web and desktop application development.


I performed embedded hardware design and software application design with Actasys on advanced monitoring and amplifier applications.

RPI School of Science

I developed mobile and web applications with RPI’s School of Science for a grading platform centered around attendance validation.

RPI Smart Engineering Lighting Research Center (LESA)

I lead a research team to develop an embedded bluetooth spectrometer and perform various degrees of lighting analysis.

Step Tools

I worked with Step Tools to develop web-based manufacturing CAD software using a React stack.


I interned at TripAdvisor as a Software Engineering intern. Through my internship I developed live site features, fixed bugs and built tests to test user engagement and content collection rates. While at TripAdvisor I won the 2015 intern hackathon, a competition between the software interns, for a NLP review visualization over the Boston area.

Inventor's Guild

I did part-time work for The Inventor's Guild, a student-run consulting firm serving small businesses and startups. I have done several projects with the firm, spanning iOS/Android app development, Web Development, Embedded Hardware Design and Desktop Application Development.

Green Heron Engineering

I developed embedded system interfaces for Green Heron Engineering. This involved maintainance of a legacy java based desktop application/server and the development of a new web-based application.


I worked as a Software Developer/Test Engineer intern at Harris RF Communications in Rochester, NY for a summer internship.

Rensselaer Center for Open-Source

I previously worked with Rensselaer Center for Open Source researching and developing a new homework server for the computer science department